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Personalized Relief for Your Dry Eyes

Eye discomfort can be distracting. When you have dry eyes, blurry, tired eyes can make focusing difficult, scratchy, burning eyes can demand your attention, and you may need to wipe away tears frequently but still feel discomfort. 

Dry eye can be frustrating to deal with on a regular basis, but you don’t have to suffer. We want to help your eyes feel refreshed. 

Get the relief you need. Reach out to Northwest Family Eyecare for dry eye treatment.

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What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Tears are essential for eye comfort and health. A consistent mixture of moisture (called the tear film) keeps your eye’s surface clean and nourished. When you produce too few tears or parts of your tears change, you can experience dry eye. Symptoms may be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). 

Chronic dry eye can increase eye health risks, so getting relief is important.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eye can develop for many reasons. Tear quality can change throughout your life from factors like medications, medical conditions, or aging. Chronic symptoms are more common in older adults, as we produce fewer tears as we age.

However, symptoms can be experienced at any age. Dry climates, eyelid hygiene, eye surgery, or a poor contact lens fit can disrupt the tear film. At Northwest Family Eyecare, we get to know you and your symptoms, so we can focus on the root cause. With a customized treatment plan, we aim to help you achieve relief that lasts.

How Is Dry Eye Treated?

Dry eye treatment focuses on more than your symptoms. Our goal is helping you address the underlying cause. We complete a thorough assessment of your eye health and talk about your experience. Our recommendations are based on your daily needs and preserving your long-term eye health. 

Patients may benefit from a few management methods. We may discuss at-home care regimes, like eye drops and lid cleansers, or in-office treatments, like LipiFlow or IPL therapy. Our approach for your dry eye is individual. We’ll focus on what works best for your comfort and overall health.

IPL Therapy

IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy uses pulses of light to generate heat. The warmth targets the skin around the eyes, breaking up buildups of oil clogged in the meibomian glands. The oily layer of tears helps maintain moisture for longer. The heat can also help reduce tear gland inflammation and bacteria growth around your eyes.

LipiFlow is a thermal treatment system that uses gentle heat and pressure to move oil clogged in your meibomian glands (tear glands in your eyelids). The oil is essential for helping tears last longer and spread evenly on the eye’s surface.

Melting the oil and massaging the glands allows oil to flow freely, restoring tear quality and improving moisture retention.

Effective management of dry eye often calls for more than added moisture. Optase has a range of products to cover various treatment approaches, including cleansing, hydrating, and temperature therapy (moist heat or cooling eye masks).

Optase products are preservative and phosphate free, as these common ingredients can cause irritation with repeated use. Optase recommends a 3-step regimen: heat, cleanse, and hydrate. We can discuss which products may help improve your eye health and comfort.

OCuSOFT dry eye care includes eye masks, eyelid scrubs, eyelid cleansers, and more. The various treatments are designed to help dry eye symptoms caused by blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

Keeping your eyelid margins clean and free of debris can help improve oil flow from tear glands, restoring tear quality.

Get Comfortable with Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can impact your daily life. Our goal is helping you regain your enjoyment of clear, comfortable vision. We care about your eyes. Book an appointment to get started with your personalized dry eye treatment plan.

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